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It’s women and men like you who inspire us to do what we do for you. Not only do you have a unique passion for life and beauty, but you have also achieved greatness in your families, careers, and friendships. You become more marvelous every year. So it’s our mission to give you the most amazing personal services we can to make you look and feel incredible.

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We hope you enjoy our services. We created them to celebrate your life and beauty.

Margaret Zeyger
Relax. Ecobeautica.

Margaret was born into a legacy of beautiful women in the town of Riga, in Latvia. Her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all practiced a lifestyle of beauty and health, and lived by the phrase, “Your beauty is your best recommendation.” Each woman lived to be over 100 years old. It was this lifestyle that propelled Margaret to enter the cosmetics and spa services field, where she learned among the best professionals in the Baltic Sea resort of Gorky. After moving to the United States,…

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14 September 2018

Handy Supplement Selector makes it easy to optimize your health and healing

When you’re first diagnosed with any medical condition – whether it’s fibromyalgia, high blood pressure,…

14 September 2018

I don’t think anyone has ever taken a close look at their complexion in the mirror and said: I’m good. 

Let’s be honest.  There’s always room for improvement, whether it’s diminishing those…

21 June 2017

When seasons change, we do our dues – get rid of everything that reminds us of winter and do everything to feel fresh for summer. Internet if full of articles on how to get ready for summer, how…

21 June 2017

We try our hardest to keep our skin looking beautiful. We get facials, we exfoliate and moisturize as needed, and we mind our skin-care products…

The truth and nothing but the truth. Sergey Kalitenko, MD, a board-certified physician in antiaging shares the ins and outs of bioidentical hormones-and why they are different from their synthetic, man-made counterparts. Through a combination of medical insights, industry anecdotes, and easy-to-understand explanations, Dr. Kalitenko demystifies bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and explains why it may be a viable alternative for men and women of a certain age. 

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"So when do you think they'll finally figure out how to cure cancer?" This simple question posed during dinner one evening sparks a conversation that will change the lives of four lifelong friends forever. What starts as a simple discussion about the high cost of cancer and the merits of early detection quickly evolves into a much deeper and more informed dialogue about the benefits of complementary cancer therapies. Sam, a New York City holistic practitioner, has decades of alternative medicine experience to share with his best friend, Mike, and their wives. 

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