Eating Your Way to Acne-Free Skin

What if the secret to clear skin wasn't in your genes but in your food? It makes sense. As teenagers, didn't we all hear about how some foods would give us acne? Whoever we heard it from, they must've been right.

There are islanders out on Kitava in the Pacific Ocean who have a simple diet of fish, fruit, sweet potatoes, taro, vegetables, and yams. (1) The results? No acne. Whatsoever.


There's Nothing Sweet About Acne

You may have noticed that the Kitavans have a diet that's low in carbohydrates and sugar. It's a key part of why they don't have acne. Sugar and carbohydrates—which the human body converts to sugar—could lead to a spike in your insulin levels and in your IGF-1 levels. Together, they could raise the level of male hormones, leading to oily skin that makes it easier for zits and pimples to pop up. (2)

The potentially acne-causing effects of carbohydrates and sugar are two-fold. In addition to the above, sugar could fuel bad bacteria and yeast in your gut. There have been plenty of studies that suggest that the state of your gut influences the state of your mood. (3) If your mood isn't doing too well, your stress levels aren't doing too well. And if your stress levels aren't doing too well, say hello to acne.


Keeping Acne Away

Aside from avoiding carbs and sugar (or at least cutting down on how much sugar and carbs are in your diet), there are some things you do can take care of your acne for good.

  • Drink plenty of water each day, enough so that your urine is pale yellow in color. Staying hydrated is important for eliminating dead skin cells, getting rid of waste, and promoting cell growth and regeneration.
  • Get enough omega-3 fats as well, since they could prevent cell dehydration.
  • Exercise. Not only is it important for your overall health, but the resulting sweat allows your body to eliminate toxins and other contaminants in your pores.
  • Get quality sleep. Your body's prime time for healing and regenerating is while you sleep, so make sure you get the best rest possible. Quality sleep could also improve your stress levels, which influence your acne.
  • Have plenty of probiotics in your diet. A healthy gut microflora could lead to healthy moods and therefore lower stress levels. Raw, fermented foods are a great way to get enough probiotics. You can also take high-quality, medical-grade probiotics like our Probiotic Synergy™ supplement.
  • Get plenty of vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial for a healthy immune system. Ideally, you'd get that vitamin D from sunlight, but you can't really get adequate sunlight in Brooklyn in the fall and winter months. That's when you should consider our light therapy or our Vitamin D Synergy supplement.
  • Manage your stress, whether it's through yoga, meditation, or one of our massages.
  • Use all-natural acne products or make use of our acne facial.
  • Detoxify. Acne could be the result of toxins lingering in your body, so come in for a detoxification foot bath. Detoxification could give your body the support it needs to clean itself and clarify your skin.
  • Consider supplement counseling to support your body so it might stop acne before it shows up on your face.

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