Amazing Massage in Brooklyn, NYC

Hot stone massage

A deep relaxation treatment straight from nature. Smooth river stones are gently heated and placed on various areas of the body. The stones’ gentle warmth penetrates deeply into the muscles, easing tension and soreness, and helping you to relax both your body and your mind into a very tranquil place. This massage offers release from the stresses of everyday life, especially tasks that put strain on the back, like desk work or driving. You will feel like a brand new person in less than two hours. 

Deep tissue massage

This vigorous massage is highly therapeutic. It uses powerful strokes to knead away knots of pain and tension, increase circulation, release muscle tension and eliminate lactic acid from the body. Your massage therapist will focus on your areas of concern, using stretching techniques and deep massage to relieve strain, stress and inflammation. In just 80 minutes, you will be revived and ready to take on life’s challenges with strength and energy. 

Back, neck and shoulder massage

This is the perfect massage choice for athletic, fitness-oriented people to wash away the pain and stresses of an active life. This massage alleviates stress with tension-releasing techniques focused on pain trigger points. Using a fragrant blend of the best essential oils enhances the experience, as your massage therapist works to massage out excess lactic acid in your muscles, and loosen those chronic knots. You will leave this massage feeling completely relaxed and invigorated in only 50 minutes.

Swedish massage / Wellness massage

Need to unwind? The classic Swedish massage technique uses long, flowing strokes to decrease tension, increase circulation and promote deep relaxation. You will be stress-free after just one session of this uplifting and transformative experience. 

Reflexology foot massage

Reflexology is founded on the belief that areas on the body have corresponding areas on the feet. Therefore, a foot massage helps the corresponding areas as well. Your feet will feel renewed, and your entire body will feel a dramatic difference in energy levels. Your body will breathe a sigh of relief as energy blockages disappear and energy surges to every organ. 

Shirodhara scalp massage

Shirodhara, based on Ayurvedic medicine, is a scalp massage designed to rejuvenate the scalp as well as the spirit. Using warm oils chosen specifically for you, the head and neck areas are gently massaged to release tension and negative energy, and create physical and emotional balance.

Aromatherapy massage

A treat for the senses! This refreshing technique involves using a variety of scented essential plant oils and flowers to enhance the experience. Your therapist will choose scents according to the type of experience you want, such as invigorating, soothing, balancing, and so on. At Ecobeautica, all our essential oils are 100% organic. This treatment will delight your sense of smell and renew your spirit in under two hours. 

Wrist massage

If you frequently experience aches and pains after using the computer for long periods, driving the car or picking up growing children, this massage will help ease out the soreness. 


Shiatsu (Japanese for finger pressure) is a massage based on traditional Eastern techniques and beliefs. Using finger and palm pressure, as well as stretches, Shiatsu can help relieve stress and anxiety. Treat your tired body to this transforming experience. In just one hour you will feel relaxed and reinvigorated.

Cupping therapy

Cupping is based on an ancient Chinese medicine belief that the body contains pathways through which life energy (chi) flows. In this treatment, small cups are applied to the skin and gently heated, creating suction that may open these pathways and allow energy to flow through the body, while releasing toxins. The result is a peaceful feeling of renewal.