What Makes Us a Holistic Spa?

Everywhere you go, people are busy trying to manage their stress. Whether it comes from their spouse, children or is self-induced, people are trying to get rid of this unwanted stress. Stress can rear its ugly head into your private, personal and professional life.  

At Ecobeautica, we believe a gentle, holistic approach can help clients achieve optimal wellness and balance. Thinking of the body as a whole can give clients the support they need to manage their mood changes, skin conditions and restore their energy levels.

What is a Holistic Spa?

A holistic spa is a type of spa where you get special treatments to relax you mind, soul and body. These treatments work on reducing anxiety and stress levels so that the body may feel nourish and completely relaxed. Holistic treatments have been present for centuries and they are associated with a belief that spirit, mind and body must be active and healthy in order to achieve wellness. If you are looking for the best holistic spa New York CIty has to offer, then you should visit Ecobeautica. Our holistic health spa and its treatments are offered at surprisingly affordable rates. What is a holistic spa good for if no one can afford it? That is why we, at Ecobeautica, make sure that people get peace of mind at friendly rates.

How our spa works

The techniques used in a holistic spa are linked with generations old healing treatments used in Asia. These spas are therapeutic baths containing strong herbs and body scrubs to massage your body. Meditation and aromatherapy will follow these baths to soothe the mind and soul. Aromatherapy involved in our holistic health spa take use of different oils such as, rose, lavender, bergamot and chamomile oils just to treat stress and anxiety. If you have frequent mood changes, our holistic spa treatments of bergamot oil mixed with sandalwood and jasmine can help. If you are looking to treat your fatigue and lethargies, our holistic spa treatments can offer basil, ginger and lemon to restore your energy levels.

Now is the time to visit Ecobeautica’s Holistic Spa Treatments

Ecobeautica offers a holistic spa New York City has rarely seen before. Our holistic health spa offers Ayurvedic treatments, which originated in India many centuries ago. The mindset behind this treatment in order to maintain wellness, you must keep your mind, soul and body happy. Treatments offered at our holistic spa include oil massages, exfoliation, steam tent and herbal baths. You should know that holistic spa treatments containing Ayurvedic is something that you should not miss. At Ecobeautica we also provide head and shoulder massages for guests while they breathe in the aroma of different oils to clear congestion and open up their sinuses.

Why Choose Ecobeautica?

If your question “what is a holistic spa?” is still not entirely answered, then we recommend you visit Ecobeautica where you will see for yourself how our spa is run. Ecobeautica combines the efforts of therapists, acupuncturists, beauticians, doctors and even dietitians. Here at our natural beauty day spa, Ecobeautica’s experts can provide you with the support you need in order to achieve your wellness goals.