Radiofrequency Facial Treatment

What is a Radio frequency procedure?

A less invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, Radiofrequency (RF) energy treatments encourage non-surgical tightening of the skin.  Well-suited for those with mild to moderate facial tissue sagging, RF is safe, quick and effective in creating a firmer, smoother complexion.

What are the benefits?

The primary benefit to an RF procedure is tighter skin, and it’s best suited for the forehead, under-eye, mid-face, cheeks, jaw line and neck areas.  Collagen and elastin levels are boosted, resulting in smoother skin, less under-eye bags, and an overall revitalized visage.  RF energy treatments can also be conducted on the stomach, hips, legs, shoulders and waist areas to remove cellulite and fat deposits.

Who is a good candidate for a Radiofrequency facial treatment?

Since RF treatments are typically used to address mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, as well as unwanted fat and cellulite, most patients tend to be in their 30s to 50s.  The safe, results-focused procedure is appropriate for men and women of all skin colors.

The ideal candidates for this restorative treatment are those experiencing any – or many – of the following conditions:

  • Under-eye bags
  • Sagging, aging skin 
  • Cellulite
  • Unwanted fat on stomach, hips, legs and waist

This procedure may not be advised for pregnant women, as well as those with thyroid diseases, diabetes, rosacea, skin infections, hypertension or tumor formations.  If you have any of these conditions, consult your physician or holistic practitioner to determine if this is an appropriate therapy for you.

How does the process work?

Radiofrequency energy treatments stimulate and tighten the skin using electromagnetic currents that are within the safe radio wave range appropriate for medical applications.  After cleansing the skin and applying an anesthetic cream for topical numbing, a treatment grid ink transfer may be applied to your face to provide your technician with a road map to follow for the most effective results.  RF energy is applied to the body with a specialized device that will penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate elastin and collagen production (and break down fat deposits and cellulite, if used on areas of the body other than the face) – which will cause your skin to feel firmer, smoother and tighter.

Depending on your unique skin needs, our aestheticians may recommend five procedures for optimal results, with a one-week interval between each session.

What can I expect after the treatment is over?

Since the RF facial treatment is non-invasive and relatively quick, there’s no downtime or troubling side effects.  You can leave the spa right away, showcasing your firmer, smoother complexion to everyone you encounter for the rest of the day!  Just be sure to cleanse and nourish your skin regularly to maintain your glowing complexion.

How do I sign up?

Call Ecobeautica Wellness Center at (718) 382-9200.  Our whole-body medical day spa is conveniently located at 2158 Ocean Ave in Brooklyn, NY 11229 

Book your customized Radiofrequency treatment today!

At Ecobeautica Wellness Center, our aestheticians are skilled in the nuances of RF procedures and other personalized skin therapies.  
Approaching each procedure with a whole-body perspective, they first conduct a comprehensive skin analysis to determine what they’re working with – and how to best treat it on an individualized basis.  They then delve a bit deeper from a holistic viewpoint, looking at dietary and lifestyle behaviors to determine their potential impact on the skin. 
This valuable information enables them to personalize your skin care treatment plan to best address your unique concerns.