Put Your Best Face Forward with an Acne Facial

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The most common skin condition in the United States, acne occurs across a broad spectrum – ranging from the scattered pimples of Grade 1 mild acne through the harsh outbreak of Grade 4 cystic acne. The former is characterized by a few blemishes that can include whiteheads, blackheads, papules and pustules. The latter, which is also the one portrayed in television commercials and magazine ads, can feature more pronounced and widespread pus-filled cysts. While their appearance and treatment options may be different, the good news is that acne facials can help sufferers at all stages – producing both cosmetic and holistic benefits.

If you’re among the 40 to 50 million Americans who suffer from acne at any given time, it can be heartening to know that you’re not alone. While most of those afflicted tend to be teenagers or young adult, acne strikes indiscriminately – affecting both men and women, and appearing as early as childhood or as late as middle age. Acne can be embarrassing, disfiguring and uncomfortable – and in some cases, can linger for years and produce permanent scars.

Although this condition impacts millions of people throughout the United States, its cause can be summed up in two simple words: clogged pores. Typically, our bodies shed dead skin cells as soon as they rise to the surface of the pores. However, when our sweat glands begin to make sebum, or oil that keeps our skin from drying out, dead skin cells can stick together inside the pore and become trapped.

Making matters worse is the addition of exterior bacteria, such as p. acnes, which can also get inside the clogged pores and proliferate rapidly. Now hosts for this quick-spreading bacteria, the pores become red, swollen and inflamed. Inflammation that is untreated or that goes deep into the skin can manifest into acne nodules or cysts.

When deciding how best to tackle acne, it’s critical to address the root cause of the problem first and then move on to treatment options. Is the acne related to the consumption of dairy products? Excessive carbohydrates? Looking beneath the surface – literally – for the root cause can help identify skin triggers as well as appropriate “next steps.”

Effective treatment options for mild acne include topical, over-the-counter creams containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Sufferers can typically treat their condition on their own, and can expect to see results within two months. Those with significant acne, cysts or nodules, or who have not seen an improvement in their complexions despite diligent at-home treatment, should consult a dermatologist. Types of treatment that these trained professionals may recommend can include topical creams containing a retinoid, prescription-strength benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, and antibiotics such as Accutane.

A visit to a trained aesthetician is also a wise move for those suffering from any form of acne. In addition to laser therapy, chemical peels and acne removal, many cosmetic specialists advise monthly acne facials. By combining stimulating deep-pore, deep-tissue cleansing with targeted spot treatment and facial extractions, acne facials can unplug clogged pores and clear drainage – effectively removing acne and its underlying infection. Applying special serums can minimize the appearance of blemishes, while an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial mask can reduce redness and irritation.

Because this is such a prevalent skin condition, skilled dermatologists and trained aestheticians advise monthly acne facials – not only to keep your skin as clean and healthy as possible, but also to provide much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation. An hour away from the demands of the outside world can be a much-needed respite, allowing you to nourish mind, body and soul in a tranquil, stress-free environment.

For those suffering with acne, a consistent regimen of pampering, nurturing acne facials may be just what the doctor ordered. Call us today to find out how you can improve your skin – and your outlook on life.





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