Peels in Brooklyn, NYC

At the turn of the century, Margaret’s grandmother was entering her 40s and noticed that her skin was losing its lustrous appeal. For a woman famous for beautiful skin, this simply wouldn’t do. So her grandfather scraped together enough money to send his wife to Vasara, Poland, for a special skin treatment. The skin specialist applied a substance to her face, and this created a weird reaction—the skin became dark, dry, and then began to peel. When the outer layer of skin was finally shed, she looked rejuvenated with younger, fresher skin.

  • Does your skin look tired and sallow?
  • Is it blotchy and uneven?
  • Do you have acne, acne scars or fine lines?
  • Does your skin feel rough and flaky?
  • Do you look older than you are?

Your skin may be begging for the rejuvenating vigor of a chemical facial peel. Margaret’s popular service involves applying custom blends of topical treatments that remove dull, damaged skin cells, revealing fresh new skin texture beneath.


A peel can help:

  • Minimize fine lines and scars
  • Lighten age spots and freckles
  • Remove broken capillaries
  • Soften rough, scaly skin
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Uncover soft, younger-looking skin!

Come in for a safe, non-invasive procedure that will have you walking out glowing. If you're looking for peels like acne peels or anti-wrinkle peels,  visit us for a peel in Brooklyn. We're located on Ocean Avenue between Kings Highway and Quentin Road NYC.

  • Price: $ 75.00
  • Get free peels: purchase pack of 6 - get one free, pack of 10 - 2 free