More Than Just a Pretty Face

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Is your skin lusterless and dull?  Is it pitted with blackheads, whiteheads and acne pustules?   Have the sun – and let’s be honest, aging – taken their toll?  Would you like a smoother, radiant and younger-looking complexion?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the above questions, you’re due – or overdue – for a facial.  But what about the questions you didn’t answer?  Such as: do I feel overworked, undervalued or a combination of both?  Am I trying to juggle too much, personally and professionally?  Does my life feel like it’s going in too many different directions, making me feel stressed and overwhelmed?   Could I just use an hour to myself to just relax? 
As any aesthetician will tell you – especially those who practice a holistic approach to living, such as the trained technicians at Ecobeautica Wellness Center in Brooklyn, New York – facials are about more than just the face.  They’re an important component of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and are critical to calming mind, body and spirit.  

The beauty of facial treatments is that anyone can get great results – and everyone can use them as an opportunity to relax and unwind.  Men and women of all ages and skin tones can enjoy fresh, rejuvenated skin and leave the medical spa with a glowing complexion and an extra spring in their step.

It all has to do with the process.  Because facials are so tactile, they’re inherently soothing and indulgent.  Think about it for a moment – for approximately an hour, an aesthetician’s trained fingers gently and rhythmically massage your face, helping you unclench tight muscles so that you can release the worries of the day and enjoy having someone take care of you for a while.  The more you can clear your mind, the better you can focus on the scented lotions being used and those magic fingers nurturing your skin and your spirit. 

Each facial involves numerous steps, with each one designed to accomplish a specific objective and take you further into a state of relaxation.  Your technician will start by cleansing to remove any dirt or makeup, and then she’ll proceed to tone to rebalance the skin and make it a neutral base to work with, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and reveal the new ones beneath, and moisturize to replenish the skin’s hydration and repairing it with vitamins and nutrients. 
At Ecobeautica, there’s truly a facial for everyone – and the root cause of your individual skin condition will most likely dictate which one you try first.  The Brooklyn medical spa offers plenty of popular, customized options from which to choose, ranging from Yoga, Oxygen and their signature Ecobeautica Facials to Acne, Men’s and Classic European Facials.  But don’t stress about which one to choose – after all, that defeats the whole purpose of unwinding and pampering!  Try a European Facial one month, and then give an Oxygen Facial a shot the next time.  Mix it up so you’ll have something new to look forward to every time you visit.

To learn more about Ecobeautica Wellness Center’s holistic approach to healing and comprehensive menu of facials, massages and other incredibly relaxing treatments, call them to schedule an appointment (718/382-9200) or visit their full-service spa at 2158 Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn.



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