How Old is Your Skin?

Our skin isn't always the same age we are. Over time, depending on our lifestyle choices, our diet, and our genetics, our skin may show signs of aging that make us look older than we really are. Our skin may lose its fullness and elasticity, show creases and wrinkles, become drier, or even bruise more easily. There are many anti-aging products out there designed to reverse these signs, but we can reverse these signs by just changing our habits and what we eat.

Interested in finding out how old your skin might be? Take our quiz below and keep track of which lettered answers you get.


  1. Do your parents look their age?
    1. They look older than they are
    2. They look their age
    3. They look younger than they are


  1. How would you describe the texture of your skin?
    1. Thin, dry, and uneven
    2. Mostly smooth, maybe with a few dry patches
    3. Full and smooth


  1. How would you describe your fine lines and wrinkles?
    1. My fine lines and wrinkles are very noticeable
    2. I have a few fine lines and wrinkles but they're not very noticeable
    3. My fine lines and wrinkles are practically nonexistent


  1. How easily do you get sunburns?
    1. I burn very easily
    2. I don't burn often
    3. I rarely burn


  1. How often do you moisturize your skin?
    1. Rarely
    2. Every now and then
    3. Daily


  1. How would you describe your nightly skincare routine?
    1. I don't have a skincare routine
    2. I rarely wash my face but always remove my makeup before going to bed
    3. I wash my face at least a few nights a week and always remove my makeup before going to bed


  1. How would you describe your diet?
    1. A diet high in unhealthy fats and sugar
    2. A fairly healthy diet lacking in some nutrients
    3. A very healthy and well-rounded diet


  1. How often do you drink alcohol?
    1. I drink excessively—more than seven drinks a week (for women) or more than fourteen drinks a week (for men)
    2. I drink a moderate amount—between three and seven drinks a week (for women) or three and fourteen drinks a week (for men)
    3. I drink infrequently—less than three drinks a week


  1. Do you smoke?
    1. Yes, often
    2. Yes, but infrequently
    3. No


  1. Are you often stressed?
    1. Frequently stressed
    2. Sometimes stressed
    3. Rarely stressed


If you got mostly A's, your skin is older than your age. You may need to make a lot of changes to your lifestyle to rejuvenate your skin. Get enough sleep, regularly cleanse and moisturizing your skin, and cut down on the alcohol and the smoking. Try altering your diet, and be sure you're getting enough vitamin A (which helps prevent cell damage), vitamin C (which helps promote collagen production), and vitamin E (which helps fight free radicals that age your skin and helps keep your skin hydrated). You can also try our microdermabrasion services to help rejuvenate your skin.

If you got mostly B's, your skin is as old as you are. While your skin isn't any older than it should be, it wouldn't hurt to make a few changes to make yourself look healthier and younger. Be on the lookout for foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E, which help your skin stay strong. You can try Twice Daily Multi™ to round out your diet.

If you got mostly C's, your skin is younger than you actually are. Good on you for taking care of yourself and your skin so well! Keep making the decisions you're making, and be sure to take advantage of our facials to ensure that your skin stays clean and refreshed keeps looking young for as long as possible.