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What is Hydradermie?

Hydradermie is a cutting-edge Guinot facial beauty treatment suitable for even the most sensitive and delicate of skin. This treatment combines recent breakthroughs (developments?) in science and skin biology with skin care techniques that are non-invasive and pleasant to the touch. Hydradermie can help clients treat a multitude of different concerns including sun preparation/repair, anti-wrinkles, and purifying.

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So what’s the secret?

The secret to HYDRADERMIE’S effectiveness is combining three methods to help rejuvenate and revitalize the skin’s natural beauty. First, double ionization quickly absorbs active ingredients present in the skin. Second, oxygenation rejuvenates the skin’s natural glow and boosts oxygenation of cells and microcirculation of the skin. Lastly, our beauty therapists use relaxing massage techniques and serums to help you relax and restore your skin’s natural radiance. All this leads to quick, effective results in just one hour. Your face will look well rested, repaired and rejuvenated. HYDRADERMIE is used in New York, London, Hong Kong, Sydney or Toronto. Wherever your beauty desires take you, you can ensure that HYDRADERMIE will give you the results you are looking for.

HYDRADERMIE is available in eight versions to suit each client’s needs.







Age logic anti-aging

Sun Preparation/Repair


“The Instant Lifting Treatment”

Do you want the tight, firm skin of your younger years again? Unfortunately, the aging process strikes even the best of us. As we age, our face loses tone and definition. Prior to the HYDRADERMIE LIFT, lifting treatments targeted the skin’s structure, fixing the epidermis and firming the dermis. Now, however, our Hydradermie lift targets the facial muscles to give you younger looking, lifted skin. Finishing off with a relaxing massage, the Hydradermie lift releases ingredients to help firm the skin. No plastic surgery needed.  In just one hour, you can have firmer, lifted and more youthful looking skin.

Want the secret?

Again, we combine three techniques to give you that beautiful glow. A beauty therapist will apply draining electrodes onto your face to release tension and increasemicrocirculation in your skin. Next, facial muscle stimulation will help to tone and lift your facial features. Lastly, the treatment ends with a rejuvenating massage to tone and firm your skin.


Your eyes are the first things people see. Do the wrinkles and crow's feet around your eyes embarrass you? The Hydradermie Lift Yeux is the answer to your worries. This innovative treatment brings youth to your eye contour. This quick and easy treatment works in just over a half hour to “exercise” the delicate parts of your eyes and give you new firmness.

Your eyes will awaken with youth. No more wrinkles and crow’s feet. Smooth and firm skin awaits you.


Eye Logic: Eye Contour Treatment

The area around your eyes can reveal a lot about your age. Eyes are particularly susceptible to signs of aging since they are constantly exposed to wind and sun. The area around your eyes are thinner and more fragile than skin on other parts of your face. Our hectic schedules can wreck havoc on our faces. Eyelid swelling and puffiness tends to increase when we are tired. Also, dark circles come from poor blood circulation.

All of these factors can lead to a tired, exhausted appearance. If you want rejuvenated eyes to waken up your pretty peepers, our Eye Logic treatment can help diminish the three main eye contour problems; wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Our three-step treatment uses ionization, massage and a mask to help combat those pesky wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines. In just 40 minutes, the area around your eyes will appear lifted and smoother. In addition to this, the puffiness and dark circles will decrease in appearance and eyelids will feel less heavy. If you want to face the world with fresh looking eyes, our Eye Logic treatment can give you all that you desire.


BeauteNeuve treatment works to remove dead skin cells so your skin can breathe again! In under an hour, you will be amazed at the restored radiance.

Three is the charm. The BeauteNeuve treatment works in three ways. The double peeling peel ‘in/peel out creates healthy skin cells. Dead skin cells are separated from the living skin cells using the Peel ‘In gel with fruit acids. The Peel ‘Out foam revitalizes the skin by exfoliating the dead cells. A relaxing massage awaits you next. During the massage, your beauty therapist will apply Dermanove serum to renew cells and encourage cell growth. Lastly, with its brightening action, the Clarimasque works in just ten minutes to get rid of dark spots and Vitamin C will even your skin tone. The results? A rejuvenated, more youthful looking appearance.


Guinot’s Liftosome treatment is a quick way to achieve that beautiful, younger-looking, firmer skin. When applied to the skin, the key ingredient, Pro Collagen Concentrate restores your skin’s natural beauty and elasticity. Then, the heat diffusing Masque Thermolift will improve the function of your cells and make your skin tighter. The Masque Thermolift makes the Pro Collagen easier to absorb into your skin. In just minutes the skin appears brighter, fresher and younger. Finally, all your troubles will be forgotten when your beauty therapist relaxes you with a massage. The massage is done with a serum that incorporates the latest anti-aging ingredients. In just under an hour, your skin will light up and you will see that natural beauty once again.


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