Papilloma Management in Brooklyn, NYC

What are Papilloma?

In women, papilloma may develop in breasts, underneath the nipple region where they may cause pain and swelling. This condition is commonly known as “papilloma breast”. It occurs when a small tumour originates near the milk duct of a breast. These tumours are benign and composed of blood vessels and fibrous tissues. A papilloma breast may cause nipple discharge or bleeding. Fortunately, papilloma breast is not associated with breast cancer.

Papilloma treatments and solutions

Papilloma treatment is not required as it is benign however, people may still opt for removal procedures for aesthetic purposes. Papilloma removal can be done in several ways; these include papilloma removal excision, using a special kit to remove the wart, or home remedies. A papilloma treatment of this kind is quite effective. Done by a professional, there would be little chance of recurrence of these warts. Also, chances for side effects may be small as well. Papilloma removal done through excision is mainly performed by a doctor who can use different type of therapies.

Papilloma treatment can also be done by using kits that can be purchased from the drugstore. These treatments can include applying liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesion and then removing it. Another method involves usage of salicylic acid. One advantage in this method is that it saves you the cost of visiting a doctor as this method can be done easily at home.  Ecobeautica recommends having your skin lesion evaluated by a doctor because your lesion may not be related to the papilloma virus but to a deadly cancer. Seeing the right professional could be lifesaving.

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