Acne Management in Brooklyn, NYC

How do we manage acne?

With advancements in the medical industry, there are many acne treatments that work to restore natural beauty. Dermatologists could work to provide an advanced plan so that you can have the best acne treatment and the best acne scar treatment as well. The main concepts behind these acne treatments that work are simple; they control oil accumulation and generation in the skin and clear the pores from any other residue. Acne is something people of all ages do not want to deal with. However, here at Ecobeautica we take a environmentally-friendly, natural approach to helping you manage your acne.

Ecobeautica’s Approach

Following are the types of “acne treatments” -- acne management that are offered at Ecobeautica.

  • Blue Light Therapy:

Blue light therapy for acne might give you the support you need to reduce the acne-causing bacteria in your skin. This procedure requires two steps:

  1. Pre-treatment
  2. Proper “treatment”.

In pre-treatment, the face is washed and then allowed to dry. After that, you may sit at a comfortable distance away from the bulb.

Proper “treatment” begins when you have sat at least two feet away from the bulb. This procedure requires a number of visits to your doctor who will expose you to this blue light for about 15 minutes during each visit. After you are done with this “blue light therapy” on your skin, acne could considerably be reduced and chances of recurrence could be reasonably low as well.

  • Microdermabrasion:

Microdermabrasion is known to give you the support you need to help decrease wrinkles of your face. However, it has also been known to give you support to reduce acne. This cosmetic procedure involves crystals to be placed on the skin for exfoliation. A brush is used to sweep the crystals away from the skin. Microdermabrasion requires a professional hand; therefore, it is advised that you let us perform this task rather than doing it yourself.

  • Acne Facial:

Ecobeautica's acne facial is designed to cleanse and nourish while getting rid of pimples and zits. Depending on your skin, we could use serums designed to diminish the appearance of blemishes as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial masks to reduce redness and irritation.

Now is the time to look into Acne Therapy Solutions

Acne and acne scars are stubborn issues that people of all ages deal with. Recognizing how to reduce acne flare ups with little side effects is our goal. Ecobeautica can offer you advice and the support to manage stubborn acne.

Visit us in Brooklyn on Ocean Avenue between Kings Highway and Quentin Road or call us at 718-382-9200 ext. 1 to schedule an appointment today!


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